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Character Descriptions

Most of my fanfictions contain self-inserts, so I strongly recommend the character descriptions up there. But that's not always the case, so the best would be to have a look and find out yourselves ^^ All Downloads are in .doc-format

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Title/short description
Just for Tenki - A corruption-FF to get Kitti to draw more!! This is a reaaaaal mean cross over, which you should only read if you know ALL the RTL2-Anime-voice actors... Really chaotic *G* Since it doesn't make any sense in English cause I don't think anybody who reads these fics in English knows the German Anime Synchs from RTL2, I won't translate this one.
Tenka in wonderland - a small story with Tenka as main chara *G*
Anti-bad-mood-FF - The name says it all! *G* It's about third world elves who are working for the Telekom... ^^;; I had the idea while on the phone with Kitti XD
Helloween - Extended Version
Helloween - Light Version (This version was meant for a Manga Kitti wanted to draw once... let's see if she ever get that done) *G*
Helloween with Ron - Harry Potter ^_^ - as well a story for a short manga, this time for Lilli, who also hasn't done that... ^^;;;
Bankrobbery - How do we get rich fast?
The not-existing story - an admittedly plain stupid FF, but without self-inserts and really funny *G* Inspired by Kachiko ^_^
Twen Titans vs. The Traffic Man - A very stupid idea I had on our way to Berlin last week. Would be helpful to know the series "Teen Titans" before you read this.
Bastard Yaoi Fan Girls from hell - I wrote this one for AD-Chan, the two of us in the Rockman world *_* *drool* Very confusing, and only in English available ^^
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