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Character Descriptions

Most of my fanfictions contain self-inserts, so I strongly recommend the character descriptions up there. But that's not always the case, so the best would be to have a look and find out yourselves ^^ All Downloads are in .doc-format

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Title/short description
Chaos in the Digiworld - Digimon and us
Men in tights - Houshin Engi Characters replay the movie, with us *G*
Our heroes - Houshin Engi and us
Cosplay - Fushigi Yuugi, Houshin Engi and us
In the zoo - Houshin Engi and us
Raishinshi X Nataku - with a brief appearance of Kitti and me! For everyone who always waited for it, our dream-couple from Houshin Engi!!! Warning, shounen-ai-light *G*
Lights Festival - Houshin Engi and us
Gagaga - great title I know... *G* It's a Houshin Engi-Sailormoon Crossover, but mainly Houshin Engi ^_
Houshin Engi Kids - This is due to a spontaneous idea from us - we're the mothers, by the way *GGGG*
BAKAAAA!! You can do it!! -HE and us. A little parody of different quiz-shows... (The title's a parody to a Dutch guy who used to make "motivation-training", and he always said "TSCHAAAAKAAA you can do it!!!" *ROFL*)
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