Ran kann jeder gut gebrauchen.
There's gotta be a FAQ, right? So we won't disappoint you! You'll find a small collection of questions here the mindful reader might have, and of course the answers. And as a special feature, questions to this story from the almighty psychiatrist Kachiko herself! And of course with startling answers of the insane author *cough* If you have further questions that weren't answered here, don't hesitate to mail me!

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-How large is the closet in the therapy room?

Yeeeees.... the biggest mistery in the whole series I guess... The notorious closet... I think the best to describe it is to compare it to Marry Poppinsí bag or the magically enlarged trunk or the Ford Anglia in Harry Potter... It is and will always be a mistery...

-How many people are in the closet?

Well, only Kachiko knows! g But if weíre counting how many she imprison... ehhhhm I mean storaged in there while we read the stories, it should be around 4 or 5. I never counted myself...

-Why didnít the people from the different chapters meet in the closet?

That must be the effect of the time warp... In each chapter the closetís in another dimension! The chapters also have different time levels! Itís like the time travels in Dragonball talking myself out of it No, honestly, I donít know, assumingly I only forgot while writing ;; (The easiest and most logical explanation would be that I wrote the last chapters first and didnít know at that time that I would write chapters which would take place before that where Kachiko already imprison... eehhhhm storaged people in there. So somehow the explanation with the time warp fits again!

-What happened to the shower Kitti has built in chapter 2?

Well, since only the redecoration companies got themselves dirty eversince everybody seemed to forget about it. sigh Assumingly it still exists, but most likely has been blocked up...

-What is it with the Yaten portrait/altar?

To understand this you should take a look at the 1. official Yaten-Fanclub homepage, www.yfca.de.vu

-Is Kachiko making sacrifices for Yaten?

If sheís doing that itís only at night on playgrounds with liíl old me, the 2nd member of the fanclub g Donít worry, so far we only sacrificed some lilac and a ticket from the BVG

-Does Ran have a gun licence?

No. Only if you consider her car a weapon and therefore her drivers licence a gun licence

-What kind of building is the practice in that it survives such major and numerous damage?

Itís an old building from 1912 which has already survived the war. No wood, all stone and everything soundproof, or Kachiko had already gotten numerous notifications because of noise exposure.

-In which country is the practice located?

Regarding whoís been in therapy there already the patients wether have lots of money to travel there or the practice Ė just like the closet Ė changes itís location (only without time warp) Regarding all patients it is in Japan, ancient China, the actual China, Senninkai, England, Townsville, some imaginary place (where the hell do the Pizza-Cats live?!) but also in Germany (somehow we have to get there as well g)

-Is the practice bound to the laws of the medical association?

Honestly... do you think they would accept such methods? clears throat NOOOOOOOO of couuuurse everything is perfectly legal!!!! whistles

-Can I make an apprenticeship in Kachikoís practice?

Theoretically yes, with a normal application, picture and stuff... but would you really want to work there...? Believe me, itís pure stress!! (Plus the practice has been closed in the last chapter, remember? g)

-What are Lilli and Pia working after the practice has been closed? Does Kachiko live from the money she earned with the practice?

Good questions! Ran lives with Taikoubou with the money he got in Las Vegas, so sheís not working. Kitti and Tenka can live very well with the money he earns with his lumber mill. Kachiko gets soical welfare and Youzenís nursing allowance because she had to spend all the money she earned for redecorating the practice all the time. Lilliís not working just like Ran, she just put Nataku into the army where he became company commander very soon and gets enough money for the both of them. And Pia? Well like we saw she had enough money for shopping at least. But I dare to doubt that sheís really working. The last time I saw them they just got back from a world trip. But they didníT want to tell me the source of their money. Maybe they found oil or won the lottery... Itíll be their secret forever I guess. But my favoriteís still the theory that they joined the Yakuza! Heeheehee...

-Now that the story is over, is there any chance to help other poor anime-characters?

Why yes! Not only anime-characters, Kachiko helps everyone for the right amount of money! į If we get good suggestions thereíll be some Psychiatrist Dr. Kachiko specials for sure! We wouldnít let anybody suffer you know.

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