Ran. Mit Sicherheit ein guter Partner.
There's gotta be a FAQ, right? So we won't disappoint you! You'll find a small collection of questions here the mindful reader might have, and of course the answers. And as a special feature, questions to this story from the almighty psychiatrist Kachiko herself! And of course with startling answers of the insane author *cough* If you have further questions that weren't answered here, don't hesitate to mail me!

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Chapter 1:

-Where did Kachiko get the doctor title when not even a university is willing to take her?

Artistic liberty, Kachiko! Furthermore Iím able to see true talent despite unimportant school marks and report cards. shows off

-Does Pia know the number from the half-naked tabledance workers by heart?? If not, where did she get it that fast?

Of course she knows it by heart! After all there can always be such emergency situations where you need half-naked tabledance workers fast! Hasnít everyone been in a situation like that already???

-How is it possible to put on wall paper while tabledancing, or even get the carpet done??

Job secret (Plus they were more then one, they could have taken turns. But I like the imagination of them doing everything at the same time snicker)

-Is the carpet yaten-green? Or silver?

Not everything has to be green, so itís Yaten-hair-silver. (and washed with Pantene ProV)

-How much do the poor patients have to pay?

Depends on the case. How stupid they are, chances of cure etc. In most cases the health insurance pays for it. An average session (average stupidity and good chances of cure) would be around 100 Euro each session. A special session like it would be necessary for Ran for example (incredible stupidity and absolutely no chance of cure) would be at least 500 Euro, because itís way more annoying to always listen to the same crap and knowing very well that itíll never improve. Before you ask why Kachiko isnít helping Ran anyway if she needs it that much, 1. because, as I said, no chance of cure, and 2. she wouldnít earn anything because Ranís her employee. And Kachikoís already spending enough money on redecoration. Thatís why sheís not getting rich despite the high charges for her sessions. A vicious circle...

-Where can I buy the censorship?

Ask FX-Harry.

Chapter 2:

-Is the therapy couch yaten-green as well?

No, itís Yaten-suit-blue

-Do I have any other furniture than the desk, the couch and the closet?

Yes, a chair and a little stool to sit next to the patients andÖ ehm.. thatís all

Chapter 3:

-Just one question concerning the hetero-pills: Have there been pink and violet smarties as well? If yes, why did Hiro believe that?

As if Hiro would have noticed! He only heard ďheteroĒ and was so keen to get them that he didnít pay attention to the color! (despite that weíll discover a secret now: Hiroís color blind! OO)

-My closet seems to look like a normal closet. Is there some kind of trick door or something?

Well, a door in the wall and a room behind, a wall closet. And no secret door, I already answered that in the FAQís, the closet is a portal to another dimension! Secret doors are out! Well, Iím just the author, what do I know? Itís your closet! XD

-What is inside the closet besides Bishounen?

Dirty underwear. HAHA just kidding. The Yaten-throne of course! And the exit of the chloroform pipeline XD

-What is Takato doing in Canada?!

Running a practice for paedophilia..

-And why does he have two doctor-titles while I only have one????

Artistic liberty, my dear. As I said further up Iím able to see true talent. (Plus heís my second me and if Iím the stupidity in person in this story at least my Mr. Jackyl has to be intelligent! Thatís poetic justice!)

-Do green-colored windows exist?

Sure... But that would make the employees of the practice look very sick donít you think?

Chapter 4:

-Why the hell does Draco think Iím a witch Ė am I red-haired?!?!

Counterquestion: Are all witches in Harry Potter red-haired?

-What kind of books am I throwing away?

Oh, totally useless stuff. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, science stuff, all that boring stuff (to make room for the mangas)

-Where did Kitti putt he fans?

asking the mirror from ābeauty and the beastí Ö AhaÖ somewhere in the AndesÖ (where are those anyway?)

-When the animagi change back, then they donít have clothes, do theyÖ? nosebleed

Listen, this is a fun-FF, no lemon, no hentai or some other dirty stuff!!! Hörmal, das ist eine Fun-FF, kein Lemon, Hentai oder sonst soín Schweinkram!!! (thinks of scenes with Kachiko and Yaten in the cupboard)

-Lupin canít just change, heís a werwolf!!

Would you believe me if Iíd say the moon rises every few minutes in your practice? (I hope nobodyís thinking of some dirty stuff again nowÖ)

Chapter 5:

-Just a note: In sleepless nights, you dream rather seldomÖ

Did I invent that speech??

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