Ran - Nicht für Jedermann.
You don't need to know much about the story before you read, it's all explained in the first chapter. There might be self inserts in it, well, US *g* But the story is also understandable if you don't know us, just imagine we were characters I invented for this story ^_^ There's also a description of us at the link 'charas'. If there's sometimes an insider it's wether described at the end of the story or not important to know to get the storyline (but it might be funnier if you know them ^^). If there are still questions on your mind about this story, just mail me! But enough (senseless) words, have fun! (And don't get confused by the prologues in the chapters, for example it might say it's the 4th part I'm writing but actually it's the first. That's because I wrote the last chapter first and decided afterwards to make a whole storyline, so I wrote the 6th chapter last and all the others in no proper order)

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Title/short description
Chapter 1 - How it started
Chapter 2 - Dragonball - Not even the 7 dragonballs will save you from therapy!
Chapter 3 - Gravitation - Shuichi & Co meet the shrink
Chapter 4 - Harry Potter - I just COULDN'T resist! ^______
Chapter 5 - Kung Pow - Who doesn't know this movie really missed something!! To really understand this chapter and get the jokes you really should know it! ^^ So better watch it before you read or it's only half the fun! ^_^
Chapter 6 - Group therapies - Surprise surprise! ^_^
Chapter 7 - Fushigi Yuugi - Honestly, who didn't always want to have a look in Nuriko's and Tomo's mind? *g*
Chapter 8 - Houshin Engi - Yeah, these guys too really need medical care!
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