Ran - Hinterher weiss man immer mehr.
Let's start with Kachiko! In true life her name is Katha and she's from Berlin, like everybody here (except myself...) Well ehm, how she looks like? She's taller than me... has long, blond hair and founded the YFCA (Yaten Fanclub) with me ^^ I don't wanna say too much about our characters here, because they depend on the stories sometimes. But in general you can say Kachiko's got much temperament if I may say so. She's a great yaoi and lemon fan and prefers the male Anime-Charas who looks like women and got female voice actors... (Yaten, Nuriko, Touma...) In the stories you'll meet her as Kachiko or Katha. Maybe Youzen in some, but I don't really remember...

Hamato! Hm... Actually nobody calls him Hamato any more... His name's Haiko and he's the last of the Berlin-Gang here. Okay, I don't have to point out that he's much taller than me right? He's got blond (dark blond I think...) hair and glasses. In the stories he's mostly a poor side character who doesn't have much too laugh because we always have looots of fun with our bishounen and he's left behind ^^;;; (Sorry!) Well, at least he's the boss in 'Hamato's Angels'! He's really kind, a very nice guy, and come to think about it I never saw him really angry...

The Prince-kins! Or Prince-y? Kinda... XD I really don't know how to translate it. She got this Nick from 'Prince Yin Hung' from Houshin Engi, how that happened is explained further down (I'm really curious how I'll explain that in English... ^^;;;) She's as well smaller than me, most of the time she's got dark red dyed hair and fancy tops from stores that don't exist any more. XD How to describe her character? I reaaaally love her! (Nice try...) *thinks* Well, if there's something she doesn't like, she comes right out with it. But if you don't tease her that doesn't happen anyways, because she's reaaally nice!!! In the fanfics she'S Pia or Piako. If I ever called her Prince-kins or Tasuki or whatever I don'T remember...

Kitti! As well from Berlin! (Further on I won't mention that...) She's got dark hair an had it relatively short when I met her, but meanwhile they're longer than mine... She's about the same size as me. Okay, a liiiiittle taller! She's totally addicted to Johnny's Junior just like Lilli and Pia (at the moment), which has absolutely nothing to do with these stories. (just wanted to mention it) She's mostly calm and doesn't get angry fast if you don't really annoy her. She's also one of those few people who absolutely DON'T care or get curious in any way when you tell them something like 'I'm not supposed to tell this to anybody!'' Additionally she's downloading Mangas all day and knows everything (I bet she knows Mangas the respective authors haven't even written yet!) Her mother's from Thailand and Kitti's real name is really Kitti!!! Honestly!!! So please don't ask me what her name is, cause this it is. I swear! In veeeery few Fanfics she might appear as Tenka or Kouji. Except if I already changed that because I don't really refer to her as Kouji any more ^^;;;

Lilli's called Lilli in real life as well! XD Yeah yeah great joke I know. Who cares. Lilli's a really nice girl, if you know her! Because sometimes she can make really weird statements she doesn't really mean to be insulting and simply just doesn't think before she says them. So if you don't know heryou can be angry or hurt easily. Lilli's like the notorious steam hammer ^^; (if you use this comparision in English anyway...) But as I said, she's reaaaaally nice and I've been to Canada with her last year! And if I stay together with a person for 4 weeks and EVEN have fun, then it HAS to be a demigod! (at least) Well, Lilli's got blond hair, mostly chin- or shoulder length and is smaller than me. In some Fanfics she might be refered to as Fugen.

And finally... last and least, huh? *cough* Hm well, what do you write about yourself? Maybe the others should do that? But they're not here... Okay, to have a base for the height (since I described all the others with 'taller' and 'smaller' than me), I'm 1,60m ^^ (about 5.4) My hair color varies every week. (started with blond, over black, blue, red, magenta there was everything already...) Usually I've got DAMN curls which I hate, but with muuuch effort and pain I get them smooth XD The others say I've got the perfect hair for cosplaying, considering my bangs... And well, my nature is to be the greatest nag on earth, totally cheerful, hyperactive and absolutely impatient ,In the stories I'm called Ran, Ranchan or Bou-Chan... I think that's about all... I think that'S all you have to know about me (or rather that's all you WANT to know *G*). So go on already and read the fics! XD

And here some basic facts:

The charas from Houshin Engi are our heroes! And everybody has his own. Well, Nataku used to be common property till Lilli took him... It's similar in Fushigi Yuugi. Well, additionally it would be good to know what 5 to 10 and 'Prince-kins Hung' are about. Well here I go, I'll try my best to explain this in English... (it's difficult because they're German puns) In the German Synchro from Houshing Engi (Soul Hunter), Kou Hiko, the father of Tenka is called 'Fun Faze'. And when you say that in German it sounds veeery similar to '5 vor 10', which means the time '5 to 10'. That was what the Berlin's understood everytime while we watched it. Since then it's a running gag so I put that time in the fics everytime I can *G* With 'Prince-kins Hung' it's almost the same. In German his name is 'Prince Yin Hung', but the Berlin's understood 'Princhen Hung' instead. 'Prinzchen' is a cuter form for 'prince', so something like 'Prince-kins' I guess... (not to mention the wrong translation anyway... in original the small prince is called In Chiao and the bigger one In Hon (or something like that...)) Whatever. Don't wonder if some characters got funny habits or pointed out weaknesses. For example Youzen's ALWAYS super-slow in my FFs. And this is only because in that one episode of Houshing Engi everybody was waiting for him and he even said 'Sorry, but can we go a biiiiit slower?'' *ROFL* I'm also making fun of Tenka's singing skills. In Original (japanese) he sings really awesome!! But in German... well... uhm... *cough* yeah...^^;;;; And about that way it's with all the other characters as well.

To understand most of it this should be enough ^^