Wo ist Ran???
You don't need to know much about the story before you read, it's all explained in the first chapter. There might be self inserts in it, well, US *g* But the story is also understandable if you don't know us, just imagine we were characters I invented for this story ^_^ There's also a description of us at the link 'charas'. If there's sometimes an insider it's wether described at the end of the story or not important to know to get the storyline (but it might be funnier if you know them ^^). If there are still questions on your mind about this story, just mail me! But enough (senseless) words, have fun! (And don't get confused by the prologues in the chapters, for example it might say it's the 4th part I'm writing but actually it's the first. That's because I wrote the last chapter first and decided afterwards to make a whole storyline, so I wrote the 6th chapter last and all the others in no proper order)

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Title/short description
Rockman X Special
Rockman Classic Special
Rockman Zero Special
Takarazuka Special
Takarazuka Special Reloaded - with comments from Kachiko and the Author and a short story-extension with feathers
Here's a powerpoint description from Kachiko about the Takarazuka characters, so I was able to write this special Kachiko requested ^^
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