Ran. So gut wie selbst gemacht.
If you ask yourself what's PDK, it's Practice Dr. Kachiko, a fanfiction from me with 8 chapters and several specials (and most likely more to come XD). The main actress here is a good friend of mine, Kachiko, who has her own psychiatric practice in this story where she's taking care of several Anime characters (and other guys who need it XD). So just have a look, it's quite funny. And thanks to the wonderful Lilli we even have pictures of the characters now!
Main characters
Dr. Kachiko - as the name says, the main character ^_^ In the first chapter she opens her clinical practice and tries to survive with that somehow ^_^ She's a great fan of Yaten and of course member of the YFCA, aka 'Yaten Fanclub, ahhhh' Of course she does everything possible for her patients, even if it's almost always hopeless, what her amazing mind OF COURSE realizes right away!!

Ran - besides the author of this botch, li'l old me *show off* But in PDK actually a small cameo next to the great Kachiko, an assistan, helper, whatever you prefer. But at least the head assistant, being in disposal of the timer, not blessed with the slightest sense of direction and giving completely new dimensions to the phrase dumb and dumber.

Pia - An assistant as well. In general she's responsible for the coffee production, -serving and -consuming ^_^ Additionally she does other assistant-stuff that accrues.

Kitti: The third assistant. Used for any works imaginable. But she prefers to realize her own agenda instead of following orders and might destroy parts of the clinical practice to convert the newest trends from the furnishing-catalogue.

Lilli: Last but not least the fourth assistant. Yeah, 4, Kachiko is greedy! *G* Lilli as well does all sorts of stuff. Usually she's the calm one who takes the others back to the ground when they freak out, but on the other hand she can freak out herself very well and needs to be stopped ^^;

Dr. Dr. Takato: I thought it might be good to say something to him as well... Actually he's no character from PDK, but he's mentioned sometimes as Kachiko's collegue from Canada. And there he's got a practice for paedophilia. (I just hope nobody screams now and sues me or something o_O) It just happened because Takato (well, not only him XD) thinks the actors in Harry Potter (especially the Weasleys *_* *founded Weasley-fanclub with Takato*) are reaaally cute and thought as well 'What do I have to do to avoid incuring a penalty?' Well, and then he had this great idea to prescribe licences for paedophilia, and since I love Canada so much I told him to open his practice there... ^^;;;;

Yaten- Yeahhh, really important to know would be, that Yaten is the god, hero and anything else to Kachiko ^_^ That's why a photo of him is placed in her office *G* The YFCA might be the Yaten-Fanclub, but that is related to a really existing person. REALLY! I'm talking about Yaten from Yume! *G* When it comes to Yaten in this story, I'm talking about the real Yaten from Sailormoon. Otherwise there could occure major misunderstandings at some parts ^^;;;;