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Character Descriptions

Most of my fanfictions contain self-inserts, so I strongly recommend the character descriptions up there. But that's not always the case, so the best would be to have a look and find out yourselves ^^ All Downloads are in .doc-format

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Title/short description
Sailor Stars Final Fight - An alternate ending for the 5th season, my first fanfiction written in 1999 with 10 chapters
The Killerbraces - my very first story that was no Anime fanfic, a whole book^^;; Written after the book "condom of horror" in script-style. Back then I wrote it for my friend Lola. I got the idea when we discussed - like propably all teenagers - if it hurts if you kiss someone with braces ^^;;;
Death comes via pizza-service - my second book... this time all my fault and again written for Lola. I got the idea when I was in my parent's basement. I saw a reaaaaally long box which contained a oversized pizza-knife...
Confusion - Well, my second try on a more serious fanfiction, and shounen-ai again, like RaishinshiXNataku ^^ But it stays more seriously, plus it's with X and Zero and has 9 chapters.
Houshin Engi X Fushigi Yuugi - The Houshin Engi Charas replay the story of Fushigi Yuugi
Houshin Enig meets Fushigi Yuugi (and us *G*)
Miko-Contest - Fushigi Yuugi and us
Hamato`s Angels - Sailormoon and us
Okane - Fushigi Yuugi and us, Shopping Tour in Berlin
Dream Wedding - Houshin Engi, Sailormoon, Chichiri and us
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